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Most used app on my iPhone

This app is great best for all soccer scores.

best best and best!💙💣

best ever💙



Mahmoud fouad

Wonderful app

Virtual video

Add virtual video to your soccer for better experience . Thanks

So wondering

I think this app is so higher than ranking number98 So f**king fast And it seems like using swift program ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻👏👏🙏🙏👌👌💐💐🌹🌹


Not connecting in iran

SofaScore Review

This app is the best that was, the best that is and the best that will ever be.

The best

It's one of the best sports app I ever used I totally recommend.



Not getting notifications

Prior to recent update I’m not getting notification from any of the matches I selected to get notified upon. Nor the start/end of a match neither the scores.




Nice app

No internet connection

Sometimes it comes up with this message although there’s nothing wrong with the connection. The problem will last several days and then mysteriously resolve itself.

New update is annoying

I swear either the newest update changed the sounds for the app. Why in the name of God is the sound for goals a cowbell?

The Best

Simply the best for football/ soccer. The only app necessary. Great for tennis, too. Why did you change the goal-alert sound, though?

Notification Sound

Please change it back. You killed it. Going to FLASHSCORE now.

The best sports app out there

Fantastic app. Glad the bugs got sorted out. I have been using this app for a while now and I love it. You have my 5 stars!

Love the app but some features disappeared

I love this app. But recently I noticed previous matches and match form for most of the leagues disappeared. Can this be re-added?

New update

Why did you change the app? Before that the last results can be seen, now only future matches are avialable. Also with some teams their previous results are hidden or not shown, bad in that aspect. The app was better before


Fun app!

Arabic translation!

I’m one of the biggest supporters of this kind of apps.. and this my favorite one But the fact that till now and with all the language options you have you still short of the arabic language (2nd or 3nd spoken worldwide) is unacceptable.


I want to see the results of matches from yesterday. They can’t be found. No chart of Draws. Tomorrow is the Australian Open men’s final and I have no idea who will be playing. No way of finding out with this app. Draw chart would help. Navigation is confusing sending the viewers to matches all over the world world. How about staying with one event? Would help reduce confusion.

Apple Watch Complication Refresh Time

Hello guys! Terrific job with the app! I use it a lot! Just a little issue with the Apple Watch complication. The idea is brilliant, and when I saw it, thought would be an amazing experience. But the “refresh rate” is extremely low! I’ve spent a whole day with the same game showing up, and it just changed when I launched the app. I’m using a Series 2! Can it be improved?

Match has been canceled

For your information Foolad Khuzestan - Peykan match has been canceled today Please modify it


Can’t figure it out. I’m not that stupid. At least I didn’t think so. All I want is to see Live streaming of games as promised. I want to see Live streaming of points - details. I’d like to see the brackets (draws). I’d like to see the seeds. I’d like to see prize money. I don’t want Notifications because I don’t want to know the results before I watch a replay of a match. What am I missing here?

Took a great app and destroyed it

What happened to previous atp/wta app? this one not nearly as user friendly and I end up simply going to the website to get better information regarding matchew in progress and draws. probably will delete this app

Sofa review

Chat section full of people giving fake scores and racist comments, with no moderator banning these people... On one evening the app gave 5 alerts that goals were scored only to give score corrections seconds later.. This became too frustrating for myself an avid gambler for whom these goals are worth big money. I am officially done with this app as it is not reliable....

Excellent app


Great app

Always up to date. Never had any issues

Great app

Love this app very streamlined and easy to use.


The best app for scores

Great Stats

thanks for such a great app



Cricket players

Best sports app so far… it would be helpful if we can follow cricket players too… kindly do something about it…


very nice😍

Perfect app

Words cannot describe how great this app is

Best sport app ever !!

Best app

Globo haiti news

The best app. Go to my YouTube channel GLOBO HAITI NEWS and see more

Nice app

The best. ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Good but expect the best

I really enjoy this app. In short I love it. I can’t just give it 5 🌟 because am still expecting much more.

Thanks ❤️


Alen livan flores

Fabulous app it's the better to know scorers of every matches in the world.

Soccer games / FIFA

Prior to downloading the app yesterday, it advertised, online, on google (live soccer games) and it doesn’t! I’m not interested in watching scores updates, either by starring at two team logos and a time clock for 90 minutes nor by the app alert notifications. I am 1000 % sure I read that you can watch / stream live games. Extremely disappointing in false advertising. Not all people are interested in odds for gambling purposes. If you don’t really stream then Don’t use these wrong keywords to be found on google. PLUS if you follow a team, it doesn’t show up when you re-open the app under your account. You have to go find it again and it takes few steps, not to mention that not all countries are listed alphabetically. Developer asked for input & improvements; so consider my positive criticism. Thank you.

Stacked from head to toe.

The Best soccer scores and stats app bar none.

The best sports app ever!

I always download new sport apps just to check them out but so far I haven't found a better one!

Cleanest Soccer Aggregator

Outstanding interface. Metrics driven. Tons of data. You can follow and receive notifications for all your favorite teams and players.

Good 😍

Unbelievable App

Best tennis scores app I have found

Amazing. All leagues and tournaments including ITF and Davis. Nice interface helps to find the scores.

The best

To me,this app is simply the best among all soccer apps

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