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Nice app

The best. ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Good but expect the best

I really enjoy this app. In short I love it. I can’t just give it 5 🌟 because am still expecting much more.

Thanks ❤️


Alen livan flores

Fabulous app it's the better to know scorers of every matches in the world.

Soccer games / FIFA

Prior to downloading the app yesterday, it advertised, online, on google (live soccer games) and it doesn’t! I’m not interested in watching scores updates, either by starring at two team logos and a time clock for 90 minutes nor by the app alert notifications. I am 1000 % sure I read that you can watch / stream live games. Extremely disappointing in false advertising. Not all people are interested in odds for gambling purposes. If you don’t really stream then Don’t use these wrong keywords to be found on google. PLUS if you follow a team, it doesn’t show up when you re-open the app under your account. You have to go find it again and it takes few steps, not to mention that not all countries are listed alphabetically. Developer asked for input & improvements; so consider my positive criticism. Thank you.

Stacked from head to toe.

The Best soccer scores and stats app bar none.

The best sports app ever!

I always download new sport apps just to check them out but so far I haven't found a better one!

Cleanest Soccer Aggregator

Outstanding interface. Metrics driven. Tons of data. You can follow and receive notifications for all your favorite teams and players.

Good 😍

Unbelievable App

Best tennis scores app I have found

Amazing. All leagues and tournaments including ITF and Davis. Nice interface helps to find the scores.

The best

To me,this app is simply the best among all soccer apps


Best sports app!

Best Soccer app

This app is the encyclopedia of football. It's so perfect, easy to understand, gives the right odds and predictions, best ever.

Good app

Good app


Have checked couple of soccer apps and I can say this is the best I have come across.Yall should keep a good work.💯👌


App became laggy and takes around 10 seconds just to start working when opened, i checked it is not about my phone its about the app. Notifications are delayed aprox every third time, sometimes never arrive. Score correction is dissaster, i mean, I take a look and see 3:0, after half min there is correction, 2:1!?!.. Very bad job. Sometimes theres not even correction untill i get into app and check. Also moderators on chats are even out of story when they have to do work or they are banning innocent people. All in all, bitter taste, better use flash score.


very very goooooood 🙏🙏

Great app

Love this app very streamlined and easy to use.

sofa score is very good

very good app

Best app for soccer (Football)!!!

I can keep up with all the games and get the video highlights of the non broadcast ones. Miami FC etc. Can't do without this app.


This soft is so good

Best Soccer App

For the more involved soccer fan who wants to know lineups, see goals, and keep tabs on all of your national players as well as players you didn't know about when you hear their name. The most in-depth when it comes to player statistics.

Great app!!

In America we get an overload of the Barclays Premiere League, but this app allows you to keep up with literarily like every soccer league around the world. Even gives you lineups and squad formations. Great for a fan of worldwide football/soccer.

Problem with paid ad version

Every time you update paid version disapear and have to paid again... Do not recomend... Better apps there...

Best sports app ever!

It has chatting, voting , all stats, highlights! It's a sports wonderland!

Best app for when you can't watch

Hands down my favorite app for following games and my favorite teams especially when I'm unable to watch. Super in-depth info about all the leagues around the world and they always keep it updated. The basketball and hockey game details are great too. Definitely the best score app I've used overall COYS ⚽️


Much better then I could have imagined. Any sport and love knowing when the soccer matches in Europe begin.


Hey guys, your app is amazing. It can definetly be at the top with Onefootball. Can you add a transfers page??


Thanks for connection


Thanks sofa it's work in version 👌🏻

Still works in America

5 stars because this app still works in first world countries.

Repair app

It doesn't work after the last updating in irAn Fix it plz🙏🏾

It doesn't work

It doesn't work at all (even with VPN). Do not bother downloading it.


All sports related I absolutely love this app.


It doesn't work after i updated it🙁😡

Problem after update

I have a problem after update on 24th does not work at all.

Server Connection Error

In the prior version of sofa we could connect to the server by connecting to a vpn network, but in this version we can do nothing to connect to the server. All this happens in our country IRAN


Excellent application

Dont conect to server

When im update this app i cant conect to the server. why?


no conection after updating please fix it

No connection

No connection after the latest update

No connection

Plzfix this issue, there is no connection after last update in iran, we are the most using people for this app

No connection after the update

I still get notifications for my favorite teams but the app doesn't connect to the server since the update.

Excellent App

I've tried many apps to help me be informed about the scores of my favorite soccer teams whenever they play a game, but this app clearly stands out among other similar apps due to the accuracy and the speed of the score delivery.

Nice app

Better than any other 😎

Maybe the best sports app I've ever used.

I have used this app for about three years, and I could say that it is the only live score app that I can use and trust. It sends you a notification almost immediately after the sport highlight (such as a goal). Sure it takes a bit to let you know who scored/assisted but it still is faster than most apps that initiate live score. They also let you know that someone has been substituted after injury, and gives ratings to players after games. I only wish that the app can expand to show more statistics/ratings in smaller leagues for those who follow them. Otherwise, a wonderful app.

3 Stars

Reason why it's 3 stars because it's starting to have to many mistakes popping up. for example, It says April 17 Barca And PSG are having Champions League Match?

Good app

That's great

Good overall app

I really like this app. Good for all sports. I can choose my teams, tournaments. Etc. it's great. However, there is a little issue that really irritates me and might make me go in search of another app. When I get my football (soccer) score updates, I'm informed that a team has scored. Usually I know a team has scored even before I open the app but what I immediately want to see is who scored and who assisted. I need that info asap. So when I see the score has been updated but still doesn't say who scored for over a minute or 2 after, really gets under my skin. Please fix that. That's alone is worth 3 stars to me. Everything else is great.



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